Thursday, November 18, 2010

Counting my blessings: 26

Branch Of Wisdom


We visit our library several times a week. It's not just for checking out books, you know. Although we do borrow a lot of books.

My local library not only has a great selection within their own bookshelves, but also has a relatively comprehensive inter library loan system. The selection of books, movies, magazines, music, software, audiobooks and audio devices, and much more is quite extensive. They have several computers available with internet access.

The library in my town also has several story time sessions each week for children of various ages. For those who are already fluent readers, there are other programs available such as drawing for the library's youth art magazine, mystery or science programs where kids have hands-on experience making goo, play dough, identifying fingerprints or encoding and decoding messages. They even have times set aside especially for tweens and teens, who feel the need to be unique and special during the ages they are. These times include book discussions or more advanced crafts. Fridays are "fun and games day" at my library and kids can "check out" a game or puzzle to play while in the youth department. When they are finished with that game, they can play another or turn it back in for their card.

I love the interpersonal skills of the librarians, as well. They show an interest in the kids, have open discussions with them about interests, and make book recommendations as well. The librarians in my public library are pleasant to be around and seem to enjoy their work.

I am thankful to have the service of our library available to me and my family and I am also thankful for all the various options available through my public library.

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  1. Yes, even though we live in a very small town, our library system is very advanced and it is so helpful for my family...great blessing isn't it?


  2. I sure do miss our old library and am somewhat disappointed in our new library but we still frequent it. What can I say, we love books and having any library at all is a blessing!