Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook versus Blogger, Round 3: 10/2010-12/2010

11/1/2010 - My kids are cracking me up this evening. Earlier, a limousine passed us and 1 said, "OOh, It could be Miley Cyrus." Another said, "Or Taylor Swift!" Then my 4-year old (C) said, "Or the 3 chipmunks! Alvin & his brothers." Just now, my 10 year old said, "Mom, it no longer hurts when I poke myself with a needle." How should I reply to that?!?

11/4/2012 - This is just the kind of things programmers enjoy doing... and waiting for someone to discover it. :-)
1. Go to Google maps
2. Go to "get directions"
3. Type "Japan" as the start location
4. Type "China" as the end location
5. Go to direction #43

Repeat the same with San Francisco, CA & Honolulu, HI. Notice direction #15.
Repeat same with Honolulu, HI & Japan. Notice direction #7.
At least the developers have a sense of humor!

11/5/2010 - I am exhausted. I wanted to send the kids home after school so I could rest. Their school *is* their home. That didn't work out so well for me today. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day and an extra hour of sleep tomorrow night!

11/6/2010 - I like to mess with my kids' dreams. They all talk in their sleep sometimes and sometimes I talk back to see where their dream takes them. Tonight, I was talking to my 4yo (C) after she fell asleep. I said, "Oh you have ice sickles on
your knees!" and her whole body shivered for about 5 seconds. Too funny.

11/8/2010 - I stopped everything in the middle of the day in order to shower my 4-year old (C), thanks to a lotion-in-the-hair incident.

11/10/2010 - Seeing a new momma dog and her puppies and discussing it: The mom is white and the puppies are black and white, what color do you think the dad is? "Purple" says my 7 year old (B).

11/12/2010 - I just told my 10-year old daughter (A), "Your mouth is polluting my ears!" Yes, I just said that.

11/15/2010 - On the way home from gymnastics tonight, my 7-year old (B) says, "I'm going home, putting on my pajamas, having dessert, and sleeping until May!" :)

11/20/2010 - The girls just flew through the house like wild animals. Hubby asked, "All right, who is dressed and ready to go outside?" Just then they ran by again, opened the door, and flew out. I'm pretty sure one was still in a summery nightgown. It's 42 degrees. And no one was wearing shoes.

11/20/2010 - ‎3 girls just came running in screaming. "Eeeeeeeeee. There are 3 spiders in the living room. THREEEEEEE SPIIIIIIIDDEEEEERRRRRRSSSSSSSS!!!!!" {Hahahahahaha}

12/1/2010 - My 4 (C) and 7 (B) year olds are talking about birthdays. 7yo: "Mom, do I have a birthday the same year as Christmas?"

Me: "Yes, you do." 7yo, curiously: "No, I have a birthday every 11 years." 4yo, competitively: "Me, too!!!" I love the simple minds of children!

12/9/2010 - My 3 daughters worked together to make lasagna tonight. It's delicious! I'm a happy momma!

12/10/2010 - Well, it was bound to happen at some point. The third (C) of my daughters cut her hair this afternoon. I'm still crying. :( I don't know how anyone gets any housework at all done while they have children. I'm ready to give up.

12/11/2010 - Hubby just asked the girls to bring him a beer from the 'fridge. They brought him a bottle of soy sauce. According to them, he *almost* took a drink.

12/13/2010 - Child A trying to help Child C with reading: "Let's pretend you're in school and we're learning our 'i-n' words." C: "Pretend I'm not coming either" and she just sits there and doesn't get up to "play."

12/17/2010 - I was stuck in an elevator at a local library this afternoon. Did you know that when there are lots of kids in the library, nobody pays any attention to the emergency alarm in the elevator?

12/23/2010 - My 4-year old (C) is dreaming of something tasty. She is chewing and smiling in her sleep. Must be from all the baking we've been doing this week. I ♥ when my kids have "sweet dreams"!

12/24/2010 - I just showed the girls where Santa is *right now*. They were so excited, but just as eager to get to bed. Have you seen how fast he delivers gifts? I'm right behind them because I don't want to be awake when he gets here either!

12/29/2010 - My local grocery store has coupons printed on the back of their receipts. My 10-year old (A) just found one that expires 3/33/11. I needed a giggle after she damaged my camera during a photography class today. Even better that it was her that made me giggle!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lazy day with a giggle

Apparently, today is a lazy day. Two of the three girls are still in their pajamas and it's noon. That's just one of the nice things about homeschooling. I mean, how many people who work from home participate in conference calls in their pajamas? A lot. Believe me. I used to work in Corporate America and I've talked to these people.

Not being dressed is not the only indicator that it's a lazy day in my house. My 6th grader asked me, "Mom, what's 9 times 4?" I just looked at her because I know she knows the answer. I guess she thought I didn't hear her because she repeated her question. Hesitantly, I told her it was 27. Her mouth dropped open in shock and she looked like she'd just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar as she said, "Mom! It is not! That's 9 times 3." I smiled and told her that if she knows 9 times 3, then she can figure out 9 times 4." (Glimpse into my thoughts: Really. Yesterday you learned binary, but today you don't know your multiplication tables? I don't think so.) She replied back that I was really smart. Wow. I will hold onto this moment (recorded here for historical documentation) because I know there will come a time in the not too distant future when she will stuggle a bit to define herself and she may not recognize her mother's wisdom.

In not being lazy, I need to schedule two dentist appointments because B lost part of a filling and C has a toothache. For the record, it is never a good sign when your daughter brings you chunks of white from her mouth and asks if they are pieces of a filling. Ugh. At least she brought it to me. This is the daughter who suffered from nearly debilitating anxiety a few years ago about the dentist.

My laugh for the day (well, my first, hopefully there will be more) was when C came up to me and asked, "Mom, you know how I have a big head and a tiny little body?" "Uhm, no, I didn't know that. Do you think you do?"

How is your day going?