Friday, October 22, 2010

Bedtime routine gone awry

It was bedtime for the girls, so we sent them to change into their pajamas and brush their teeth. A lot of giggling and squealing came from that end of the house, but it's not unusual, so we didn't think twice about it. Then Children A and B came to say that C had thrown everything off the top bunk. That's where A sleeps. She has a lot of stuffed animals and blankets up there, so adult intervention was required at this point. And neither A nor B were in their pajamas.

The. floor. was. a. mess.

Oh my goodness, it was a mess.

I just said that she sleeps with a lot of stuffed animals and blankets, right? Well, that is not all she sleeps with. Here is partial list, simply because I cannot remember everything we picked up:
* At least 8 stuffed animals
* 4+ blankets
* 3 journals
* several books she's reading
* 4+ pair of pajamas
* a couple outfits that should have been in the dirty laundry
* a bag of cough drops
* a bowl of beads, bookmarks, and origami
* a bag of cotton balls
* 8 pencils, sharpened
* a baggie of Goldfish crackers
* a baggie of Cheez-its snack crackers
* a piece of cheesy-garlic bread wrapped in a napkin from dinner last night

I simply cannot say how surprised I am at how much stuff she had up there, shocked that I didn't know about it all, and disgusted at some of it. Yuck. Yet I am laughing hysterically at the same time. She shares the room with her sisters and, for the most part, does it willingly, which is great because she doesn't have a choice. But her bed is her space.

Although the kids were reprimanded for not doing what they were told to do (the two older ones came to tell us what happened after it happened, not while it was happening), I'm glad all of that was sorted.

Not everything went back up there, I might add.

Do your kids have a favorite lovey or food they like to sleep with?


  1. My girls love their "friendy"s, which are blue & green lion loveys. One of which a certain dear friend searched the internet to find a replacement for when it was misplaced a few years back... ;)

  2. I just realized it's been a while since I've had to get a lost stuffed animal. (sad) M. has lots of pillows he likes though.

  3. Hi, I'm a first time visitor, but came across you blog from my friend Rachel... A southern fairytale. Anyways, I was reading and kept thinking something sounded familiar to me, and then it hit... We have three boys and although the bed stays pretty typical... my oldest boy sits in the "Back, Back" seat by himself. Yesterday I went to search for a missing toy, and hit the jackpot! So you have inspired me to share my list. Dried Cheese tortillas and gum will be on it! As well as several dead bugs and dirty clothes. He had quite a stash going back there. Kids are so silly.