Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Me Monday: Busy-ness, sunburn, and how I peed my pants

This week I'm participating again in MckMama's Not Me Monday, where I can admit some of my imperfections, or deny them, as I see fit.

We've been pretty busy lately planning a long trip, taking said long trip, unpacking, finishing up softball season, generally trying to clean up the house, avoiding bad storms, dealing with bad storms, limiting laundry to when we are home since I'm hyper-aware of dryers catching on fire, and all the normal busy-ness of life. So, is it any surprise that sometimes I wash a load of laundry and forget the laundry soap? No, I wouldn't do that. And even if I did, I wouldn't just toss the load in the dryer anyway without re-washing it, would I? Not me!

When making chicken and dumplings recently, I wouldn't have cooked all the vegetables in homemade chicken stock, dropped in the dumplings, and then realized I never added the chicken. Nope. After all, it's chicken and dumplings, isn't it? Not me. I would never forget such an essential ingredient and then served it anyway.

I didn't forget to pick up my Vitamin-D prescription on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday when I know that it's a once a week prescription and I take it on Fridays. Then on Saturday, I didn't fill the day with outside activities and sunburn myself to a crisp because I NEEDED the Vitamin-D. Nope. Not when it would just take a 15 minute run to the pharmacy. Not me. I wouldn't put myself through so much discomfort because I'm forgetful. Now it won't take me 2 weeks to get back on track taking it on Fridays because I finally picked it up and took it on Sunday. (Next week I can take it on Saturday and then the following week I can take it on Friday, getting me back on schedule.)

And finally, when traveling on our trip, my oldest daughter didn't say something hilariously rude to a complete stranger (who egged her on a tad bit). I did not laugh so hard that I did not really pee my pants. Nope. Not her and not me. She minds her manners under all circumstances and I certainly have complete control of my bladder! I did not dash to the bathroom and then send my youngest daughter out to ask my husband to get a clean pair of pants out of the van for me. Not me!

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Come back later in the week for some blogging about our trip and a rather awkward conversation with a stranger at a local buffet today that left me wondering "Why?"


  1. Nice!

    Dryer fires, I'm totally there with you on the list of rational/irrational (depending on the day) mom worries. I'm paranoid about the toaster too.

    So what did your daughter say???

  2. It was really one of those "had to be there" moments for her comment to be funny. There was a young couple talking to another woman in the corridor of a restaurant. They were there from the time we parked to when we were getting ready to leave. My daughter looked at them through the window and the man made some hand signals (not offensive, but starling to my daughter to be acknowledged.) She opened the door and said directly to him, "how rude." (He wasn't, but her comment was.) It was his shocked look that was the real laughable moment.

    Oh, and we actually had a dryer fire in February. It's still too recent to take a chance. :)