Thursday, June 24, 2010

He didn't really just say that, did he? Awkward!

I'm having trouble getting the pictures off my camera from our vacation. I hope to have the first post up on Monday, so please be patient.

In the mean time, I'll share this very awkward conversation I had the other day with a stranger.

On Father's Day, we took my dad out for lunch to a local buffet. While I was waiting for a particular item to be replenished, the man next to me struck up conversation about how people tend to overfill their plates and let most of it go to waste. At buffets, people tend to not only have eyes bigger than their stomachs but also try larger portions of things they may not like. What they don't eat just gets thrown out. I agree that many people do this and it's wasteful. We talked about how smaller portions are better no matter what the food choice is and whether someone likes it or not. We discussed how this transfers to many things in America - the mis-perception that bigger or more is always better.

Then the conversation changed as we were told that the item for which we were waiting would not be replenished. I stated out loud that I would go for the chicken and pasta primavera, to which the man with whom I had been speaking put his hand on his belly and replied, "I have to stay away from the pasta. I'm trying to pass something."

Why? Why would someone feel the need to say that. out. loud. at a restaurant? Where people are eating. Why? To people you don't even know. Why?


  1. I am never shocked these days at what people say out loud. Shocking. But, at least funny! LOL


  2. Ooh, how I wish you would've askied, "Oh, really? What?" :-)