Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday: mayo, stitches, and lost child

It's been a FULL week and I'm not very excited to share it. It was more eventful than I like, but here goes.

A little over a week ago, we spent a couple nights in a hotel in Peoria, Illinois. It was a great trip and we saw over 80 bald eagles near the Illinois River (the whole purpose of the trip), but the chlorine in the hotel's pool bleached our swimming suites, burned the kids eyes and skin, and turned their beautiful blonde hair into sticks! It took 3 full bottles of hotel shampoo to get their hair to feel like I could condition it and then 5 bottles of hotel conditioner to be able to brush it (I was glopping it on as I was brushing!) I have left a message at the front desk and over the phone for the manager and have yet to hear back... The rest of the hotel stay was great, though!

So, upon returning home, trying to brush my daughters' hair was again a challenge, as it still was not yet back to normal. As I was spraying olive oil onto Child B, I called my hairdresser to find out her opinion. She suggested mayonnaise. Yep. The sandwich kind. One of my daughters cannot stand mayo. Not. one. bit. So, of course, I did not put it in her hair. Nope. Not me. I didn't put her in the shower and wash her hair well, brush it and slather the mayo on real thick before wrapping it in a towel for 3 hours. I wouldn't do that to her, especially not with her gagging while I was doing it. Then when her older sister was in the shower and taunting her, I didn't ask if I could have a piec eof bread and tomatoes because she smelled SO good! Further, I wouldn't tell her that it was all a joke and she was going to be the only one to have to do this. Nope, I wouldn't tease my own daughter like that. (I did then go on to tell that I was teasing and yes her sister would also really have to have mayo in her hair!)

Child B, not very happy about having mayo in her hair:
I did not continue to make mayonnaise jokes all day long.

Later that night, when hubby came home from, he didn't say that dinner smelled delicious and ask if there was mayonnaise in it, giving his middle daughter a teasing look.

Tuesday was Child B's birthday - the BIG 7! We went to Bible Study in the morning, as usual for Tuesdays. My group was appropriately interrupted because Child C fell and busted her chin open again (just a little above where she did it on April Fools Day last year.) I had awful flashbacks of her very painful and scary experience getting stitches. But we left quickly and dropped A and B off with a neighbor and I headed to the local urgent care with C. Having forgotten to take pictures last time, I did not keep telling myself over and over again, "Take a picture when we get there. Take a picture when we get there."

Before (it held closed nicely!):
This one wasn't as bad as last time and closed together nicely, so they were able to glue it. Yeah! (Check back in a day or two for how this was a clear answer to prayer!!!)
After (with glue):
Today, we did not go to our homeschool group's Valentine's Bowling Party. Not the day after Valentine's Day. That doesn't make sense. While there, I did not let C slide around on the floor while watching her ball, that she rolled, barely make it down the lane.
And even if I would have, I wouldn't have let her sister, B, go to the bathroom unattended. The bathroom is RIGHT by the lane we were bowling on and right next to the party room we were in. So, of course, I would feel the need to go with her, lugging 4 yo C with me. Right? So after 15 minutes of her not emerging from the bathroom, I went looking for her and really, seriously did not find her. Not in the bathroom, not in the hall, not outside, not in the bar (where we had to go get cups earlier), not out the other door, not anywhere. Remember, I had not seen her for 15 minutes! When A told the lady at the register/shoe checkout that her sister was missing, she replied "OK." WHAT?!? So, I asked her specifically to page her, while several parents are looking and a boy was sent into the men's room to look. Still not anywhere. So, I did not resort to my mother's instinct to locate my lost daughter at all cost and call 911. (She has had a tendency to wander off in the past and the bowling alley was not rented out to our group exclusively, so two factors there that I thought justified this phone call.) Just as I was confirming my daughter's description and they were about to dispatch an officer, someone came up and told me B was in the other bathroom. I had no idea there was another bathroom - on the other end of the bowling alley(and the lady who works there didn't ask me if I had checked both bathrooms!) Yeah. Daughter found. Call canceled. (Isn't it great that they confirm, "So you no longer need an officer to respond to this call?") Next time I know to scope out all the bathrooms! And maybe really not let her go unattended. Or at least make sure she is in the one RIGHT next to us.
If you want to read about what other's aren't doing, head on over to MckMama's for Not Me Monday! (Most of them are funnier than this one. But it was cathartic to get it out!)

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  1. what an eventful week you had. glad that you found her! sorry about the mayo...and your little one's chin. are you okay mom? this was truly alot to handle. have a good tuesday!