Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do you like casserole?

We had a very adventurous day today that started with visiting our old church congregation. It was hard to decide to find a new congregation closer to home a couple years ago and we love going back to visit with our "family", even though it doesn't happen very often. Today was their Purim celebration, which involved a comedic reenactment of the book of Esther, followed by a kids' carnival - fun games and prizes and an indoor moon jump. It was great.

Then we went shopping for a dryer, because ours caught on fire 2 weeks ago. Our budget was limited, very limited. But we had some cash in hand and knew our limit. There is this one particular place that I had heard about. Free delivery (to where we live). Prices negotiable. The low-end dryer we were considering was $19 cheaper here than Menard's. OK, that's where we're headed. After walking into the store, Child A excitedly remarked, "There's a mall inside this store!" It was huge. And who knew that in the back of the store, on Saturdays, they bake fresh chocolate chip cookies and provide milk or coffee? Yes, I am talking about Abt Electronics. We were there for hours. Hours. Not shopping for a dryer. Just looking around. Trying things out. Having cookies. (OK, we just had one when we got there and one before we left. But we still ate cookies.) They have a beautiful fountain and a water show that the kids loved. Computers for the kids to try out (with supervision) and a bubble booth (where the kids stand and pull a ring up around them so they are inside a bubble!) It was fun, but it was exhausting. We were there a long time, and yes, we did order the dryer. The kids tried to be good.

So one the way home, having used every bit of goodness they had and feeling exhausted them selves, each of the kids were a wee bit whiny. Someone asked what was for dinner. Oh man! I still have to feed them? With sarcasm being my preferred method of humor, I very calmly and seriously said, "Toe-nail casserole", to which Child B quickly replied, "Eewwww! Casserole!"


  1. Oh, K...... I laughed SO HARD when I read that. And then I had to share it with C, who laughed equally as hard. That is hilarious!!

    PS - PB&J is pretty pointless to spell out - M already knows what the acronym stands for... so I need to come up with something else. :-)

  2. LOL! I love Abt! The kids could spend hours there. Did they still have the butterfly thing where you can stand there and it looks like butterflies land on you?
    Thanks for the invite to your Purim celebration! I'm sorry we couldn't make it out. I'll definitely keep in mind for next year. It sounds fun! :)

  3. Glad to hear you found a dryer! That's really exciting! I've never heard of Abt before... we'll file that away for whenever the next appliance decides to break :)