Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome: Snoopy

I doubt this one will ever be seen riding on top of a dog house re-enacting war zones, but she is the newest member of our family.

She is a beautiful, grey, 3-year old lop. We didn't tell the kids where we were going or what we were doing. We just drove. And drove. And drove. Ok, it really wasn't THAT far, but it was an hour away. We could have gotten one closer, especially with the fair coming up next month. But this one has been raised by people, handled well, is used to being a house-bunny, and is used to cats. All of these are good things for a house with 2 cats and 3 kids.

When we came out to the van with a cage with a bunny in it, the kids were not sure why. When it hit them what we were doing, they were so excited. Calm, but excited. We had to cram a lot of bunny supplies in around the kids and B had no leg room all the way home. She curled her legs up and propped them up on top of the hutch and curled them again. She was a real trooper, not asking how much longer until we were about 15 minutes away from home. Of course, once we got home, she disappeared to decompress (B, not Snoopy). Being out of the house is very taxing for B.

Snoopy is very strong and super curious. She is very sweet and really doesn't care about the cats. The cats aren't sure about her. The kids love her. We are happy to have her join our family and hopefully she will be happy to be here, too.

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  1. Well, yikes. What a cute bunny! I look forward to reading more about the hijinks of Miss Snoopy. ;-)