Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knock-knock. Who's there? Not the tooth fairy.

I woke up yesterday morning.

Well, I wasn't quite awake when I rolled over on my tummy and slid my hands under my pillow. What is THAT? There is something under my pillow...

I pulled out a handful of fruit chews. You know, those sickening sweet and so-chewy-they'll-pull-out-a-filling things that companies want you to believe are nutritious and healthy for your kids? You'll find out how healthy they are after numerous visits to the dentist to repair those pearly whites that have rotted-away-enamel. They are as bad as a tooth soaking in soda-pop. Arg. They are banned in my house. For exactly that reason.

So how did a handful of them end up under my pillow? I don't think it was the tooth fairy...

I won't even start the rant about being glad they hadn't yet attracted ants... under my pillow!

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