Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No more nail polish

Who spilled nail polish on the carpet???

Purple nail polish. A spot about an inch and a half long and half inch wide.

About 6 inches from the corner of the couch. On light, rose-colored carpet.

How in the *(@! do you get out DRIED nail polish???

Thank you, my dear friend Robin, for looking it up.

Windex and shaving cream. Did you read that right? Yes, Windex the window cleaner and foaming shaving cream. And a tooth brush. And water to keep it wet enough to work with. And scrubbing power elbow grease.

It disolved.

If you ever have reason to do this yourself, don't try to pick it out while scrubbing. I think it also affected the carpet glue. A few strings of shag pulled out when I did this, so I stopped picking and just scrubbed. I haven't checked to see if the glue re-dried well, but I'm assuming it did.

Next step: throw out all the nail polish in the house. (Actually already done before I started scrubbing.)

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