Sunday, January 23, 2011

A birthday blog post

Wednesday was my baby's birthday. She's 5 now. She'll always be my baby, though. I wanted the day to be all about her. We worked up to it slowly...

She wanted a multi-colored cake. This is her cake from last year:

I just didn't have it in me to bake so many thin cakes this year (I think it was only 2 boxes split into 3 cakes each and wasn't hard, just time consuming.) So this year, I used Dawn's tutorial for candy clay flowers. It was so easy and all the kids made some. They had a great time making them in 3 different sizes. Here is the big one that Child A made:
So all 3 girls made a dual-colored cake, with green frosting, flowers, and snails. Yes, snails. I don't know why and I didn't question it, m'kay?

She loved the cake. It was a great day with lots of singing and excitement between the sisters.

She asked for a real dinosaur that would eat her sisters and then would spit them out when she wanted it to. She didn't get one. She was quite happy with her gifts anyway. She has been wanting something her sisters have and we found one used that was a reasonable price, so that was her gift. It was a very exciting moment when she opened the box and the excitement carried through the rest of the day!

Grandpa made a quick stop by to say Happy Birthday and the day was complete.

There were some sad elements of the day that I'll save for another blog entry so as not to steal the joy from C's birthday. It was a great day for her and our family enjoyed it and that's what was important for her birthday!

I still can't believe my baby is five!!!

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  1. I love how that cake looks so tiny in one picture and then looks gigantic in the pic where C is behind it. The girls did a great job on the flowers. They sure don't stay babies for long.