Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Observations from today that made me laugh out loud...

Today I was in the kitchen cleaning when I overheard the neighbor kids playing with the dollhouse in our living room (hey, we have a small house so every room is lived in, m'kay?) The neighbor's cousin was explaining to the others how the game was going to go: , "Guys, guys! They're home-schooled. Oh, and home-doctored."

Still in the kitchen, now cleaning out a junk bucket (don't ask), I found a collar. I am so ready for cat again and said something about the collar and now we can go get a cat. This conversation followed:

Almost 4yo neighbor boy: "What's that?"
Me: "This is a collar."
Boy: "For a dog?"
Me: "No, for a cat, or a kid."
Boy: "Oh, I have a collar."
Me: "You do? You have a collar?"
Boy: "Uh-huh. My mom does. On me."
Me: "Your mom puts a collar on you?"
Boy: "Yeah. And puts in me in the yard."
Me (laughing): "She puts you in the yard? With a collar?"
Boy: "And a leash." and he walked away laughing. and so did I.

(I know this family and know they don't do this, but it was a hilarious conversation!)

Finally done in the kitchen, I walked into the family room (converted from a bedroom) to blog about this, when I found my husband making some adjustments to a pair of pants. He's been meaning to put a string or elastic in the cuff of his pant legs. That's what he was doing. With twine.

I am having such a good day full of laughter today. And if you didn't catch this on Leno or when I posted it on Facebook, enjoy this for pee-your-pants kind of laughter (or is that just me?)

Have a great day!


  1. I'm trying to picture what hubby was trying to do with that twine! What comes to mind is a Jethro-like image, you know, the rope belt... but around his ankles.

  2. I put a small slit on the inside of the gem and pulled a piece of string through it. They're lightweight cargo pants, and really needed a way to tie the huge leg bottoms. Like a pair of mil surplus bdu pants would. She just thought that it was hysterical that used twine. Hey, it worked! ;-)

  3. I love days full of laughter, your husband is too funny! Is that lady off her nut? LOL - I've never seen anything like that!