Friday, May 21, 2010

Things kids say and hear: 2

Do you remember these?

Yes, those are jelly bracelets, like from the 80s.

They're ba-aa-aaccckkkk.

I don't know if it's a good thing or not. There are online rumors about symbolism, but really, on a young child they are just bracelets. In our house, we call them friendship bracelets. They are cheap, so I don't care if they get lost. If the kids want to trade them, great. I really don't mind. Normally that sort of thing drives me crazy, but not these. If they want 'em all up and down their arm, go for it. If they want to give 'em away, that's fine too. I like that the kids finally have something that I don't care if they lose or trade. It's liberating.

But I didn't realize they were international. Because, after sorting them and divvying them up and talking about all the trading and fun they'll have with their friendship bracelets, I realized that once again we either aren't speaking clearly or little ears just aren't hearing clearly.

My sweet 4-yo came up to me and told me excitedly that she hopes the neighbor girl's bracelets are French, too!

(Uhm, if you didn't get that, she thought they were French-ip bracelets! I didn't correct her. It's cute. Unless you're French. Then you're probably insulted. Sorry, I think it's cute.)


  1. i loved those things! glad they are back. now our kiddos can have fun with the frenchship bracelets too!
    have a great weekend!! :)

  2. LOL I think it's cute. I love this little series. Kids are the funniest. I never got into those bracelets too much when I was a kid. I was all about Michael Jackson, oh yeah. I had the t-shirts, the cassettes and even the doll with the little rhinestone glove. Oh boy, good times :)

  3. Yay for jelly bracelets! Ha, why wouldn't the French want to be associated with such quality jewelry!! ;-) I remember how I used to wear two looped together, kind of like a chain-link look. (Or maybe I just dreamed that part, since clearly I'm not old enough for a trend of my time to be revived...) *cough*

  4. BTW, did child C ask the neighbor if her bracelets were French?

  5. I don't think she did ever ask. She still may. We haven't seen the neighbor much, but I'm sure it will come up soon.

    Yep, the kids have been looping them together, too. It's amazing how that comes right back - just like riding a bike.

  6. That is too cute! :) I once had "French" bracelets, too. The 80s rocked. :)