Monday, July 20, 2009

Something New on This Blog - Not Me (or Not My Child) Monday

I'm doing something a bit new today. I'm participating in Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. This week, MckMama is trying out Not My Child! Monday! I can do both...
I did not take my 3 kids to Walmart when I was already short on patience and they had already pushed every button I have. And even if I had, I certainly would not have given in to 3yo Child C when she threw a fit that she didn't want to wear these shorts. Upon announcing that it was time to move to the Kid's department, with her asking "Why, mommy? Why are we going to the Kid's department?" I most certainly did not reply with "Because that's where I can leave you all with a price tag for someone else to buy!"

Can you believe I even still go to Walmart with these children in tow after this incident???

6 yo Child B did not walk up to a woman with dark skin and tell her that her skin was so beautiful and dark... like a brownie. She then did not proceed to ask her if she tasted like a brownie and follow up with "Yummm." Nope, not my child. No way.

OK, to be brutally honest and offer a disclaimer, Child B has little impulse control and will frequently say just about anything that pops into her head, with no thought about whether or not it's appropriate or consideration of social implications. That said, she still would not say something this over the top... certainly not once at a local restaurant a month ago and then not again at a local amusement park two days ago.

(End Not Me! Monday! and Not My Child! Monday!)

Believe it or not, these were NOT the first times the kids have been out of the house! They really do NOT live in a barn! I do NOT keep them locked in a closet. Despite real life in a suburban community, with parents active in their lives, daily prayers and scripture memorization, kids really DO have minds of their own. There is only so much a parent can do.

Free will still reigns.


  1. "like a brownie"!!!!! BAHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA--now THAT is funny :)

  2. That is great. My son too has what I call diarrea of the mouth. Sometimes I wonder if he has some form of torrets!

  3. Funny post! My kids act like they've never seen another human being every time we leave the house too. :)

  4. Free will- that's the kicker isn't it? Get's me everytime. Curses!

  5. She said, "Yummmm!"? That leads me to believe that the lady's answer was, "Yes... yes, I DO taste like a brownie." Hahahaha!

    *sigh* if your darlings exhibited model behavior, your blog would be boring. Think of it that way. ;-)

    (((hugs))) to all of you. :-)

  6. Too funny!!!

    Oh how I have a permanent kink in my neck from all the times I have cringed due to my children and their comments/actions...


    ps thanks for popping over in my world!