Friday, July 3, 2009

Comments from Child B

Two comments to record...

Thursday, July 2
We were in the van on our way to my in-law's. They live about 5 hours away, or 6 when traveling with children aged between 3 and 9. That's better than the 9 hour drive to the same destination when A was a baby (because nursing babies really do eat all the time!)

On this trip yesterday, we stopped for a potty break. Panera seemed like a clean place to stop and they have been using many billboards for advertising. Much cleaner than a gas station and less likely to result in an impulse buy than McDonalds. We still gave in to the impulse and bought bagels for the kids.

As we're pulling out, each one is gnawing on a bagel and the color is messed up on the 2nd screen of the dvd player. We are getting ready to pull out into traffic when this is a big deal. No adult can easily reach the dvd player and no one but the kids can see it. Hubby reaches around his driver's seat to make the adjustment, asking after each push of the adjustment button "There, how's that?" No response. Louder and another push: "There, how's that?" No response. B tends to zone and often times we cannot get her attention to answer a question anyway. So, now, even LOUDER: "How is that???" Nothing, as we pull out into traffic. OK, now we have to pull over to do this the right way. Hubby gets out, opens the side door, gets in and the. color. is. fine. With complete frustration, he asks "It's fine. Why didn't you say anything???"

B: I'm not supposed to talk with my mouth full.

That's right; she was eating that bagel!

Wednesday, July 1
On Wednesday, B was having a non-surgical out-patient procedure at our local hospital. She would be "asleep" for it with general anesthesia. We didn't give her many details of the procedure, but told her she would have to be still for a long time, so the doctor would give her some medicine to help her take a nap so she wouldn't move. After a couple questions about how the medicine would get in her, she seemed to be OK with it. This is good because B worries. When we got in the van, another conversation took place:

B: Mom, what if something happens? What if it doesn't go well? What if it goes wrong?
ME: What do you mean?
B: Mom, what if they kill me?

Sigh. I guess she had been thinking a lot about it and worrying anyway. Hubby and I spent some minutes re-assuring her that the doctors are very good at what they do and God is with her through the whole thing - even when she's asleep. Of course, the same very thought is at the back of every parent's mind when their child is undergoing general anesthesia.

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