Sunday, January 8, 2012

Five-second rule

Last night we picked up a $5 pizza to eat while watching a DVD series that we've been borrowing from our local library. The kids know that if they drop food in the driveway, the 5-second rule does not apply. We have too many pine trees in our yard, and with one at the edge of the driveway, no food is edible after being dropped onto a pile of pine needles. The problem with those pine needles is that they also get tracked into the house sometimes.

While watching the DVD and eating in the family room, which is also the bunny room, TV room, and computer room, Child C's pizza slid off her plate onto the floor. This was cheap pizza that is pretty solid, not the typical cheesy, greasy pizza that would make a mess, so I didn't feel the need to make her toss it in the trash and there was no mess to clean. Not that it would have mattered because before I could act, she had picked it up, blown it off, and taken a bite. I did quickly take it from her, examine it for bunny fur, and gave it back when it looked fine.

A few minutes later C whispered emphatically, "Mom, there's stuff from outside on my pizza." I whispered back to her, "What? No, there's nothing from outside on your pizza. Shhhh. Watch the show." She looked at me like I was crazy for feeding her this food and she whispered a little louder, "Yes! You know, those needles. I just ate one." Trying not to laugh, I reminded her that she did drop it on the floor and sometimes pine needles get brought in on shoes, especially when children forget to take their shoes off inside. She nodded like she understood, thought about it for a minute, then looked at me as if I had no idea what I was talking about. She very firmly pointed out, "But I blew on it!"

I suppose blowing on food should always make it edible.

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  1. Okay, I had to laugh. Reminds me of visiting Net when L was little. I saw him pick up a Cheerio from under the table and eat it. When I told her she just looked at me and said, "I vacuumed yesterday; it's okay, it's probably from today." The boys still blow on food they drop!