Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Growing Up

If you read my February post Light at the End of the Tunnel, you may remember that 5-year old, child C, has started going through some difficulties with her sensory system. She avoids certain types of clothes and completely melts down if she has to wear them, to the point where I just don't think it's necessary to make her wear those clothes at this time.

I mean, really, have you tried to take a child to the store just so she could flail about in the middle of an aisle trying to rip her clothes off her skin? Have you tried to carry such a child, naked, out of the store? Yeah, I'm not going to either! However , in order to help her adjust gradually, we have a reward system in place to help her get used to these sensations slowly and for short periods of time. For example, if she wears a certain piece of clothing for 10 minutes then she earns a sticker, or a penny, or a few minutes with a favorite activity. This is how she adjusted to wearing winter boots. Uhm, that's also when she gave up underwear... but I digress.

She is now back to wearing underwear and skorts and tights. We also had a mini-milestone when one day she wore this:

Did I say "mini"?
Okay, that was huge

She wore the tank top, jacket, and jeans for about 30 minutes before ditching them. However, she wore them and, yes, she did get rewarded. She has tried the jeans on a couple times on her own since then and promptly taken them back off. The jacket has become part of her regular wardrobe. Yay!

This (below) is what you would probably see her wearing on any given day, including Sunday. If not this, then replace the leotard with an Ariel one-piece swimsuit. Yes, even on Sundays. I know, but really, would we even make it to church if she pulled the grocery store scenario?

But, did you notice something about my baby girl? Uh, besides that she wrote all over herself with, apparently, non-washable marker ...

She is growing up, you know. It's funny how certain things are exciting when your oldest goes through them and then we grieve a little when our youngest goes through them. Okay, look closely so you don't miss it.


Someone make sure the Tooth Fairy doesn't get distracted tonight!


  1. (((hugs))) A big YAY for such milestones... from clothing to teeth. And good gravy, does she ever look like B in that bottom pic! Also, I must say, her hair is growing very nicely. Looks really cute in the jeans pic.

  2. She's adorable! God has blessed her with a wonderful mom that is kind, compassionate and understanding. Hugs and prayers, my friend!