Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who's your momma?

Back when Child C was only a year or two, (now 4-1/2), Child B convinced her that she was C's mommy. Yep, C would call her mommy, curl up on her lap, walk holding her hand, and when I would ask C if she was playing she would sweetly say, "yes." Then I would ask her who was her real mommy? She would sweetly reply that B was her real mommy.

Child B and I talked about how important it is for a child to know who their mom and dad are, not only by appearance, but by name. We talked about how it's OK to play and pretend, but that she shouldn't confuse C and be sure that C knows they are playing and that I am their real mommy.

Now and then they will still pretend that B is mommy. But it's pretend and C understands that.

Today, as we were walking through the grocery store, the kids kept calling me Grandma. You read that right. I wasn't sure I heard it right the first time. So I asked what they were talking about. B addressed me with "Grandma". So I asked why they were calling me Grandma. B firmly explained to me that she is C's mom which makes me the Grandma (B is 7!) and C was in total agreement. I really hadn't planned on becoming a grandma this way. I certainly was getting some strange looks in the store as they continued to call me Grandma.

Sometimes I wonder if they really realize it's pretend or if they believe it.

Oh, and this morning we were talking about the distinguishing characteristics of mammals and that we are mammals. We talked about how God made people different than animals, but people are mammals. It was so cute when C asked if we have mammal seeds. Uh, yeah, sort of.

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